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Technology for Better Outdoors

Hikes that match youHike Feasibility Algorithm

Hike safer and enjoy the trail: before you decide to go, you will know exactly how hard any hike is for you and if there is snow on the way.

Cut hours of planningHike Composition Engine

Quickly generate and review multi-day hiking itineraries. Book all the accommodation you'll need in a single step.

Hike safer like a proHike Virtual Assistance

Prepare for your hike, hassle-free. The guidance you need, automatically delivered to you before and during your hike.

Spotting snow
on the trail

Using satellites, we'll find out which trails are snow-free and safe to walk on. No matter the season, you'll hike safely and well prepared.

Hikes that match you

WeGaw's technology automatically composes hikes that match your level, your dates and your budget

Fitness level assessment

Answer three basic questions: WeGaw will be able to show how hard any hike is for you

Personal difficulty degree

No hike is equally hard for two people. We'll finally make difficulty degrees meaningful!

Improves while you hike

As you keep hiking, the difficulty degree accuracy will improve for all WeHikers!

Advanced snow monitoring

We will harness satellite data to detect snow on the trail with the highest accuracy ever

Snow cover prediction

Based on historical data and prediction models, you'll be able to plan snow-free hikes

Safe off-season hiking

Avoid dangerous snow patches and safely enjoy hiking no matter the season

Book all lodging
in one shot

A weekend or a week long hike? Based on huts & mountain accommodation availability, you'll be able to automatically generate different itineraries. Then book all lodging in one shot!

Cut hours of planning

Generate & review multi-day hikes with no effort, magically taking into account lodging location & availability!

Search & filter

Enter your search criteria: 2 day hike from 15th to 17th July, 3 hours drive at max, 4 people. Obtain automatically generated itineraries and filter by price or difficulty.

Visualize & edit

Quickly understand an itinerary with advanced charts, visualizing snow-covered areas and lodging location. Edit the lodging choice based on your taste!

Book the WeGaw!

Once you are happy with the hiking trip, book it and launch it as a private or public Experience. If you go for a public WeGaw, other users will be able to join you!

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